An organization, be it a commercial or non-commercial in nature , is known for its contribution to the society. However, the people matters most in such organization as they are always the main drivers in the process of serving and making their organization great. Managing people in the organization has therefore passed through a long journey and the contemporary approaches in this discipline has experienced a dynamic transformation from the traditional fire fighting roles to the recent practices of human capital building according to the needs of the organization and society.

The programme on Human Resource management not only offers the scope of understanding the very basic foundations of people policy and strategy of the organizations, but also will make them equipped with the greater ability to design , implement and control the essential lifelines of human dimensions of business like performance management and reward practices, employment contract management , international and strategic dimensions of HR , organizational development and change management initiatives etc. The basic objective of the HR modules offered in the programme emphasizes on preparing the learners for the individual HR roles at all levels across operational domains in any contemporary organization in the changing techno-commercial environment.

Marketing is all about identification of needs, creation of value and delivery of value. It links an organization to the society in general and to its customers in particular. Customers lend a purpose to an organization and an organization exists because of its customers. The marketing functions aim at understanding the customers and serve them better. The marketing specialisation of the PGDM programme at LBSIMT aims at preparing environmentally sensitive, customer oriented, value driven marketing professionals. The programme is designed to make the students aware of the emerging dimensions of marketing including innovative methods of customer engagement, international marketing issues, cross cultural issues in marketing, rural marketing, bottom of pyramid marketing and strategic marketing. It makes the students adept in handling a myriad of practical issues and challenges in marketing.

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