Dr. Sanjeev Shrivastav obtained his Ph.D. degree from Rohilkhand University Bareilly while working on UGC fellowship. Based on this study he has written a book ‘The Urban Transition’ which was published by Arch Publishers, New Delhi.He is also an Alumnus of Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad and Member Advisory Board of LBSIM Delhi.

He worked for the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi on the project “Urban Poverty in India” of National Commission on Urbanisation, Union Ministry of Urban Development. He also worked on “Urbanisation and its Collateral Impact on Indian Society”. He is actively associated with several social and developmental organizations initiated by the government and voluntary organizations. The roles include Managing Director, Tuff Equipments Ltd., Promoter Director at Dr. G.K. Shrivastav Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Managing Partner in Vimgiri Associates, and Former President, Central UP Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bareilly.

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